Blue Watch

Report and photos by Michael Burns

One of Merseyside’s historic landmarks and the focal point of Everton FC’s crest has been illuminated, to show its special meaning and importance to the community and the football club.

The lock-up, which is known locally as Prince Rupert’s Tower, has stood high up on Everton Brow for more than two centuries.

Hundreds of fans and residents joined Everton manager Roberto Martinez and Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson in bringing the 235-year old tower to life, at an event to inaugurate the permanent lighting up of the landmark.

Roberto Martinez believes ‘It’s a good moment for what we are about at Everton – the community and tradition, the history of our club.’

Joe Anderson said, ‘The lock-up is an important landmark at Everton Park, with huge significance to the community, the football club and the city as a whole. This investment will literally build a brighter future for the famous tower. It will be a beacon of light for the whole community to enjoy.’

Here’s to another century standing aloft keeping an eyeful watch over the community of Everton.