The Plastic Tree In Prenton (poem)

(This poem by PVC was written before stores became legally obliged to charge customers for bags)

The plastic tree in Prenton stands quietly in its place,

Amongst a small allotment and a car park with some space.

It overlooks a brilliant park, Arno is its name

Where people talk and walk their dogs along the winding lane.

Now every one’s so busy, living hectic lives,

They really haven’t noticed the plastic tree that thrives.

There are three famous shops that line the Arno Park

So near to this unusual tree with plastic leaves and bark

It was only the other evening (now that spring is here

I gaze at trees in wonder at this time of year)

There I saw the tree glimmering in the evening sun,

Blowing whitish flowers, so gently were they spun

Until I reached up to it and noticed its poor plight:

It was a plastic tree that gleamed …bathed in summer light.


The wind had blown so many bags, all torn with different types

Bedraggled in a spider’s web, all caught and tied up tight.

This is the age of throw away, there’s plenty more to spare,

Some people do not give a damn, and others do not care.

I’m sure this tree is not alone, standing out like this,

For everywhere in the world, plastic trees like this exist.

The birds they must be puzzled when making up their nests,

Grabbing toxic plastic; they think it’s for the best.

What danger lies ahead for them, we do not really know

So let’s try even harder for a greener world… let’s go.

The council who brush the streets of litter thrown each day

Look a little further off the ground… and not the other way.

We need to make an effort… everyone young and old

To have in our hearts love, pride and respect… and be a little bold.

Take care of our place in Prenton to keep a nicer place

So people come to visit it… and see a friendly face.


To all you companies handing out these bags… so many in a day

Wake up… get real…and know that, the plastic will never fray

For this generation and those to come, the landscape leaves a stain.

So take note… it’s not all your customers who are totally to blame.



Polly Vinyl C….