The Day Of The Pumpkins

A poem for Halloween 2015 by PVC.


Have you got all your pumpkins ready today?


It’s time for ideas and cunning display

Of huge orange heads grown from the ground.

Some are nice looking, perfectly round,

Other shapes smaller, and incomplete.

Odd little pumpkins may be squashed and might leak.

First cut out the hat, leave the stalk for a handle,

Just be careful when you put in the candle.

Then scoop out the seeds and quickly dispose,

Draw a face with eyes, mouth and nose.

With squashy red fingers the fleshy inside

Can be scooped with a spoon, and made into pies.


The day of the pumpkin has arrived once again,

A day in the Autumn that comes round in vain.

Have fun with your costumes, take care with the sweets,

Beware of the tricks, enjoy all your treats…