Sir Ken (a poem by PVC)


A special poem by PVC to celebrate the awarding of a knighthood to the great Ken Dodd in the 2017 New Year’s Honours List.SIR KEN

Hooray Ken Dodd! You’re now a Sir –

About time too, we all concur.


You should have had it years ago

(That silly tax stuff may have made it slow).


For over sixty years you’ve made us laugh,

A natural who’s set the path


For other comics along the way –

But you’re the best, come what may.


In our eyes you’ve always been a Sir,

We love your style, your humour and your ‘hur’.


Rich man, poor man, heart and soul,

Through the stress of life we reach our goal


As we listen to your jokes,

And with tears of laughter almost choke.


The Diddymen will come alive,

Rejoice and sing and do a jive,

Partying away in Diddytown

As you, Sir Ken, put on your crown.



(Our photo shows Ken at a Museum of Liverpool exhibition of photographs taken over the years by Stephen Shakeshaft.)