Midsummer madness (poem)

After we reported the idea of an annual Midsummer Madness Day in honour of Ken Dodd, PVC was inspired to write this poem.

 It was the longest day, on this summer eve

At a mad hatters tea party, would you believe.

The guests were all sitting round a table of brass,

And the food was jam sandwiches, flowers and grass.

There were others too, with jam on their teeth,

And watery eyes that made them all sneeze.

The pollen was yellow and stirred in their tea,

In massive soup bowls swam a pink honeybee.

They giggled and squealed in childish delight,

Their hats all sticky and yellow and white.

With jam on their sleeves, and red covered hands,

Who could rescue the jam butty gang?

The longest day went on for hours,

As the guests grew tired, and ate more flowers.

Then sleep they did, and heads did nod.

Where was their friend, that funny Ken Dodd?

With his messy hair and happy eyes,

His voice so sweet, his teeth a fine size?

He was at a gig in Liverpool,

His jokes though not rude were still very cool.

The crowd they stayed and laughed and cried,

As tears rolled down their weary eyes.

Midnight passed on the longest day,

And still Ken’s jokes made them all stay.

But alas the time was now one a.m.,

And people drifted from Ken’s den…

Then Ken woke up with a sneeze –

The jam butty gang if you please ,

With their watery eyes and jam stained teeth,

Had tickled Ken Dodd awake from his sleep.

Another day, another dream…

The summer solstice  – that’s what it’s been.

Now back to normal, all at ease,

But watch the pollen, it makes you sneeze.

We love your jokes Ken, we love your style,

You make us laugh, you’ve got such guile.

So roll on Ken, you easy rider,

You’ve got the love of every Merseysider.