May Blitz (a poem by David Subacchi)

The May Blitz of 1941 devastated large parts of Liverpool and surrounding areas. Many hundreds died. David Subacchi has written the poem below to commemorate the 74th anniversary of this terrible event.

David Subacchi has become increasingly well known as a poet in the last few years and we have previously published his poems about Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral and The Hillsborough Disaster Enquiry (the latter is on our website: click HERE). He is a member of Liverpool’s Dead Good Poets, Liver Bards, Wirral Bards and Chester Poets and regularly performs his work live on Merseyside and elsewhere. Read his blog:


They knew there was something wrong

When Lime Street station was closed

On the first day of the month


The damage had to be serious

To stop all those trains moving

And it was


On the second day and third

Bombs fell across the city

And on to Huskisson dock


Where the SS Malakand exploded

Part of her propeller

Was found outside the town hall

In Bootle


Between the third and fourth days

Liverpool had its worst night


The destruction included


The museum and library

In William Brown Street


The Rotunda Theatre


Lewis’s and Blacklers


The Blue Coat Chambers


The Anglican cathedral


St Luke’s in Leece Street


St Michael’s in Pitt Street.


Hundreds died.


By the end of the month

1,453 had been killed


1,065 seriously injured.


Newspapers called it the May Blitz

All this was before my time

But I met an old man once

Who lived near Preston

During the war

He said he remembered

Standing in the street

And you could see

He said

You could see



In that month

That red month

Of May

In 1941.