Rock Ferry: Last Green Space To Go?

Tony Blades, one of our contributors, is trying to rally opposition to proposed construction work in Rock Ferry, including the demolition of the Grade 2 listed Ravenswood House. Here is his letter of protest:

Dear Sir,
I object strongly to this planned bulldozing of our dwindling heritage.
I hereby call on Wirral Council to see SENSE and adopt, at the very least, a civilized compromise. Save most of our fields and certainly the superb Grade 2 Ravenswood House, which would be ideal as a new Rock Ferry Heritage Centre run by volunteers.
I also urge the Council to give a full interview to Wirral Globe, addressing the public outrage at this short-sighted and cynical project. Do the Council remember that WE pay their wages?
**Wirral Globe readers, act now, please take up your pen and speak out about this issue. Defend your precious heritage.
It’s been calculated that for every 1 person who signs a petition, 100 others agree but haven’t yet signed.
As John Lennon said, “Power to the People…”.
Yours sincerely,
Mr Tony Blades, ex Rock Ferry High School (1967-74)
& Southampton University.