Merseyside Food & Drink

In Issue 3 of The Merseysider magazine Henry Richardson treats himself to two ‘full English breakfasts’ in Liverpool, visiting Maggie Mays in Bold Street and the Egg Cafe in Newington (off Renshaw Street). 

Dragon image of model in Liverpool museum

Liverpool Dragon

It is still the year of The Dragon, even though the Chinese New Year has passed, so why not give this very quick soup recipe a go? It’s from Jack Augistin’s Just Cook Quick column from our very first issue.

Dragon 5 Soup

Packet chicken noodle soup, although tasty and warming, needs no fancy recipe. It’s just as it says on the packet: add water, boil and simmer for five minutes. But try this. You will need a packet of chicken noodle soup (Knorr, Campbells or a supermarket’s own brand is fine), a pinch of Chinese 5 spice, a very small knob of fresh ginger-finely diced or grated, two or three spring onions, sliced (including the green), three mushrooms quartered and sliced, half a small can or a tablespoon of frozen/fresh corn and a handful of fresh spinach roughly torn. You can quickly prepare the ingredients as the soup is heating up, adding to it and stirring in. The spinach should be added in the last minute to retain freshness and colour. Don’t forget to taste: the ginger can be quite warming (hence ‘dragon’), but if you like a bit of bite add a dash of soy sauce or even a drop of tabasco.