Remembering Cynthia Lennon

Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon’s first wife, died at her home in Majorca on 1 April, 2015. Just a couple of weeks before this the 2015 print edition of The Merseysider magazine included the nice letter below from Jackie Hall, who remembered their years growing up together as close childhood friends in Hoylake. (The photograph above shows John and Cynthia Lennon outside Liverpool College of Art, 1960, with Jon Hague (kneeling) and Tony Carricker. It appears in Tune In by Mark Lewisohn, published by Little, Brown. ©Tony Carricker)

I was interested to see your photograph of Brian Epstein at the Clarendon Furnishing store in Hoylake, the Epstein family business he managed at the time the picture was taken in 1955. When I married my husband Ron in 1967 John and Cynthia Lennon gave us a fridge freezer as a wedding present, delivered from Clarendon Furnishing (in those days it was quite something to have a freezer!). Cynthia and I were very good friends, as were our mothers. We lived in Elm Terrace, and Cynthia’s family in Waverley Road. The houses were back to back and as children we used to play over the wall. We also sang in the local church girls choir together. I remember buying our lounge carpet from Clarendon Furnishing as well – the famous Cyril Lord! – and other bits of furniture over the years.

Jackie Hall, Hoylake