Hale Village: new Childe of Hale sculpture

Here’s a report on Hale Village’s new statue. You can also read a longer article on Hale Village itself by clicking here.

An impressive new sculpture of the Childe of Hale was recently unveiled in Hale Village. The ‘Childe’ was of course the legendary giant John Middleton (1578 – 1623), who lived in the village and was said to have grown to more than nine feet tall. Hale Village – its history, its notable buildings and of course John Middleton – is the subject of an extensive article in Issue 4 of The Merseysider magazine, which is now on the website (click here). Middleton’s little cottage is still in the village – it’s said that he used to sleep with his feet sticking out of the window. He achieved great fame when he was given a large cash prize for beating the King’s wrestler, but sadly he was robbed of the money on his way home.

Diane Gorvin’s bronze statue, which at 3 metres high is suitably imposing, can be found on the green outside Hale Village’s Manor House, in Church End. Going to see it is another reason to visit beautiful Hale Village, especially now that Spring has finally sprung and early blooming flowers are on display.