Albert Dock Pirate Festival

Liverpool continues to offer great free entertainment for locals and tourists alike. Below are some shots from the Pirate Festival at the Albert Dock, taken on Saturday 20 July (if you’re reading this on July 21st, it’s on again today!). Highlights included a children’s ‘Young Pirates’ parade, a mock sea battle, tours of a pirate ship, sword fights and regular firings of assorted cannons. Round about there were sea shanties being sung outside the Museum of Liverpool, birds of prey and displays of authentic pirate equipment. The Albert Dock’s shops and restaurants entered into the spirit of the occasion with piracy-themed menus, gifts and souvenirs. And if you fancied a pint in atmospheric surroundings, the Lightship on the Strand – the bar that’s also a boat (or vice-versa) – was open.












Britain's last manned lightship is now a pub!

Britain’s last manned lightship is now a pub!