Poem: Oxton’s Secret Gardens (2014)

It started with a secret to the owners who lived there,

In a tucked away small village, with Oxton garden flair,

A village place for gentry who lived in Georgian style.

The houses large and eloquent, with gardens to admire,

Lived in by rich merchants, where entrepeneurs abound,

Ideal and close to Liverpool, built on hilly ground.


The gardens, so neatly tended, hidden from the crowds,

Down cobbled paths, and leafy lanes, with gentle trees all boughed,

Plants of all varieties in dark and shady beds,

And scented flowers all around in terracotta sheds.

There are no pictures from that time, of gardens on display,

Only stories of history and times gone by have come to us this day.


But be of cheer you garden lovers: there is another way,

To enjoy the secret gardens which now go on display,

At the Oxton Village garden fete, now in its fourteenth year.

There will be fun and cakes and food,

And squash and tea and beer.

So get your tickets early, have a look around,

Find the secret gardens, enjoy the sights and sounds.

Your chance to tread the gardens, for there are quite a few,

In and out the garden paths, finding hidden gems anew.

Your day should be enlightened –  ideas of how you might portray

Your very own private garden, on this eleventh day of May.