Kevin Cowdall: Paper Gods and Iron Men

Liverpool author Kevin Cowdall’s novella Paper Gods and Iron Men has been receiving rave reviews on Amazon. Set in the North Africa campaign of World War II, it’s the story of two British army officers who have come together at a temporary aerodrome to be flown out. When their plane is shot down the two are the only survivors and begin a long trek north across the desert. Described as a tale ‘of endurance and survival, of ordinary people in extraordinary situations’, reviewers have praised the book as ‘beautifully written’, ‘atmospheric’ and ‘tense and engrossing’. The Kindle edition (which costs just £2.05) is published with a short story, Flanagan’s Mule, which is set in a South American mining community in the 1950s and shares the theme of personal determination and resolve.

Kevin’s an interesting local writer who’s also a prolific poet. His poems have appeared in many magazines, journals and anthologies, and have also featured on local radio. His poetry publications include an award-winning collection, The Best of Kevin Cowdall. Poems from Kevin’s ‘back catalogue’ appear regularly on his Facebook page (details below).

He’s currently working on a novel, Cosgrove’s Sketches, the story of an Edwardian Liverpool artist, Meredith Arthur Cosgrove. The central characters are fictitious, but various real-life luminaries play a part in Cosgrove’s story, from Picasso and Augustus John to Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and Gertrude Stein.

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