Paul Barber interview

Switching channels last night I happened to catch most of an old Minder on ITV4, featuring Liverpool actor Paul Barber – probably best known for his role as Denzil in Only Fools And Horses – as a boxer under pressure to throw a fight. Also in the cast was the late Alfred Marks, an interesting comedian/comic actor who never seems to get mentioned these days. We interviewed Paul Barber for the very first issue of The Merseysider, and the interview’s on our website: click here. He was great to talk to and has had a very interesting life – orphaned as a child, he had some tough times in Liverpool care homes but deservedly made it as an actor. His autobiography, Foster Kid, is well worth reading. He’s had a lot of interesting acting roles (including a great part in the 2006 Liverpool-set film Dead Man’s Cards), and recently has been in Sky’s Sinbad.